To get rid of sorrow & grief

To get rid of sorrow of both worlds one should read this dua.

wazifa to get rid of sorrow

Wazifa For betterment in sustenance, Rizq and wealth

Recite the following du-a’a 1000 times at midnight for removal of poverty and increase in sustenance.

rizq dua

Wazifa for protection from enemy

Read this wazifa 321 times daily after Esha Prayer imagine the enemy during reading.
start this wazifa from Saturday or from Tuesday

waazifa to save from enemy

Wazifa to get back lost goods

If some one has lost or some goods or it has been stolen then then he/she should read “Ya Hafeezo” 119 times and read the Dua on left 119 times and pray for the lost or stolen things.

wazifa for lost things

Wazifa For Love in Husband & Wife

For the love & unity in Husband & wife this wazifa is very useful.


Wazifa For Love Marriage

For love marriage or nikah please recite this wazifa 1200 times after Esha Prayer for 12 days continuously.

wazifa for love

 Wazifa for Aulad Wazifa for childless people

wazifa for children

Wazifa and Dua to cure from Evil Eye or Nazr e bad

nazar e bad wazifa


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