Islamic Wazaif

Just like every lock has its own specific key combination and the lock can be opened only by using correct combination similarly every problem can be solved by reciting its specific wazifa properly. Islamic Wazaif can solve your problems or ease your path and difficulties if done the right way. Below are some Islamic wazaif and duas for common daily issues in our lives. You can contact Ejaz Qlanadar if you want wazifa for some specific issue.

To get rid of sorrow & grief

To get rid of sorrow, grief and anxiety of both worlds one should read this dua.


Wazifa For betterment in sustenance, Rizq and wealth

Recite the following wazifa 121 times after Fajar prayer for removal of poverty and increase in sustenance.


Wazifa for protection from enemy

Read this wazifa 70 times daily and imagine about the enemy during reading for complete protection.

Islamic waziaf for-protection

Islamic Wazaif to find lost goods

If some one has lost or some goods or it has been stolen then then he/she should read “Ya Hafeezo” 119 times and read the Dua on left 119 times and pray for the lost or stolen things.


Islamic Wazifa For Love in Husband & Wife

For the love & unity in Husband & wife this wazifa is very useful.

Islamic wazaif for-love-between-husband-and-wife

Wazifa For Love Marriage

For love marriage or nikah please recite this wazifa 1200 times after Esha Prayer for at least 12 days continuously.


Dua for Aulad Wazifa for childless people


Wazifa and Dua for cure of Evil Eye or Nazr e bad


You can contact Ejaz Qlandar if you are looking for any specific wazifa or dua or if you want to learn proper way to do these wazaif.

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