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I knew I was slightly different from other kids in my child hood. I was never interested in any sports or had any hobbies. Never did I played games like my fellows around me. As I grew old and entered into my youth I encountered with Ustaad Lala Ji (a Pakhtoon) and he impressed me with his knowledge and thoughts. He learned all this wisdom from India & Egypt.  I use to enjoy his company and learned few things including wazaif. This new world really caught my interest and Lala Ji took me to his guru and mentor Khwaja Syed Saidullah (An Afghani). He was a true lover of Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H). His spiritual knowledge was amazing and his speciality was kashaf ul qaboor.

I started learning more and more knowledge about spirituality and encountered new and surprising things, my dreams turning true was one of them and I use to see many new kind of creatures. Khwaja Saab told me that these are the signs that I am getting succeed. This was the turning point and I was totally dedicated to spirituality and never looked back from there. I want to mention that I was first in my family in this field.

I met Azam Iraqi and became his student the good thing that I found in his personality was that he was not a typical faqeer or peer type person. He came to Pakistan with nothing and I supported him very much by providing him land and shelter. He had some old ancient Egyptian books and before leaving to Canada he gave me many spiritual gifts.
Another person who played very important role in my life is Syed Badsha Tofeeq Hussain Shah. He is currently Sajjada Nasheen and he molded my personality with his education and guidance, he was very learned person.

My love for Panjtan Pak and Mola Ali was invoked inside me by Rafeeq Qaladar. With his reference I met a Professor. His name is Jameel Qalandar, he is very intellectual person and has completed MA English, Persian, Arabic and he delivers lectures in Tasawuf. It took me not long to become his student.

I started travelling to different places and Mizars like Shahbaz Qalandar, Barri Imam Sarkar. I met with different peoples (Majzoob & Qalandars) I spent hours with them I also visited Malang Mastaana Sarkar which is Murshad Khana of Jameel & Rafeeq Qalandar.
Then I met Kausar Shah sab from Rawalpindi. He has very deep spiritual knowledge and owns a Faqeerana lifestyle. He unveiled many secrets of spirituality for me and I served for five years to learn from him. He changed my life and defined “Faqar” to me. Before him I met many Faqeers but no one was like him.

Another person I should mention is my friend his name is Sohail Qalandar, even though he was my frind but I learned many things from him. His Murshad is Saai’n Mira Sarkar. He supported me lot in this field.

Travelling by Ejaz Qalandar:

In the annual gathering of Dawat e ilsami I traveled to Multan. During Tahajud time I went for Wuddu and met a very famous personality. He asked me what do I want, I was unable to reply him twice and third time he grabbed & hugged me and said that success is my destiny. I was very happy and my belief that Dawat E Islami personnel are the right group was even stronger now.

During my stay in Multan I met Illyas Qadri. I already met him in dreams and he invited me to travel with this group. Al my wishes were fulfilled In this journey. Illyas Qadri blessed me with some spiritual gifts and I was very impressed by him. After that I started to meet him regularly.

In one Ramadan I was in Aetikaf in the institute Minhaj Ul Quran. I met Tahir Ul Qadri over there. The environment over there was very beautiful. I ws there in my dreams before. During the Laila tul Qadar I vitnessed many noors and noorani faces and I never saw anything like that before. I had a meeting with tahir Ul Qadri and learned many things from his knowledge. I had many questions in my mind which no one very could have answered and He answered my question and solved my mysteries. Tahir Ul Qadri is very learned person and he is nothing less than a blessing for this country. I went to mizar near Minhaj ul Quraan inst its called Khanqa e Ghossia Darbar Syedna Tahir Allaodin Qadri al Gillani al Baghdadi. I did chilla over there and got proper Fiaz blessings. It was another successful visit.

I try to visit Khana Kaaba & Masjid Nabvi every yer. My last Umrah was with Peer Naqeeb Ur Rehman of eid gah shareef and it proved to be a very attractive visit for me. I did a special chilla in front of Haram & Masjid Nabvi. I always return with a very satisfied feeling from Umrah but my last Umrah was a special one as I was very happy and very satisfied.

From then I was granted with blessing to serve Allah’s people and help them out from their troubles and problems.
In my whole life I never did any Job or business even though I got many opportunities but I sacrificed it and even now if I get any attractive opportunity even a kingdom I will reject it for the sake of spirituality and serving humanity. The reason is the comfort and satisfaction I get from here couldn’t be found any where else.

Many people started to consult with me and I tried my best to solve their problems with my spiritual knowledge and help of Wazaif. What ever the problem any one had I solved it with success. Many people insisted that I should teach them this knowledge and could not resist. Now I have many students who are learning spirituality from me from all over the world including Pakistan, India, UK, Holland, France, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan.

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